Chris Richardson :: Sexy Man Out

Justin Timberlake lookalike (though hotter) and former "American Idol" contestant, Chris Richardson, was spotted hanging out earlier this week at Les Deux nightclub in West Hollywood where he celebrated his boyfriend Blake Lewis' spot in the Season Six Finals. Chris sported some sexy tight jeans that accentuated his package area and that now have me drooling all over my screen. Such a sexy man!

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Free Music :: Madonna's 'Hey You'

Inspired by Live Earth, Madonna has written and co produced, along with Pharrell Williams, a new hot song, "Hey You," which she will perform at the upcoming Live Earth UK concert in July 7th. "Hey You" is currently downloadable for free over at MSN, but not for long. For each of the first 1 million downloads to the Alliance for Climate Protection, MSN will donate 25 cents in support of Live Earth. Go get your copy HERE.

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Will Chalker by Marcus Ohlsson :: Cafe Magazine

English male model, Will Chalker, wonders around in a w0rd of chaos in an editorial by Swedish photographer and member of the Lundlund agency, Marcus Ohlsson. The spread, featured in Cafe Magazine, depicts the two main reasons I'm obsess with Will, his lay back sophistication and beauty.

If I could only be part of his world of caos!! You can find a lot more of Will in our previous posts, Chalker vs. Cooper, FHM Collections Par I and Part II and Will for Louis Vuitton. Enjoy!

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Adam Bouska Gives Us Marco Dapper

Marco Dapper, the bare it all 'super size' star of 'Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds" and lead character of most of my dreams (and probably yours too), strikes some of his most intoxicating poses for California based photographer Adam Bouska. In this shoot, twenty three year old Adam, who is a total hottie himself, achieves the impossible, making hotness look even hotter.

Marco, who is making a return to theaters later this year in the movie 'Redefining Normal,' a gay themed movie and coming-of-age tale about a young man searching for self acceptance, is quickly solidifying his status as a gay icon. Talented and beautiful, what more can we ask for?

You can find out more about Marco Dapper in our previous posts: Eating Out 2 and Marco for DNA Magazine. Find more pictures of Marco by Adam Bouska after the jump: HERE!

Image Source: Alexsander :: A Cause des Garcons

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Video Trip v. 05 // 18 // 07

Kylie's Orgasmic Concert: Kylie Minogue performs Slow at one of her 'Showgirl Homecoming' concerts back in 2006. Among the lead dancers you'll recognize Marco Da Silva, one of our favorite studs. More Marco: Videos HERE, Pictures HERE

Red hot Dancers: Red Blooded Woman from Kylie's 'Showgirl Homecoming Tour'. A lot more Marco Da Silva here too.

Big Girls Don't Cry: Fergie's new video, 'Big Girls Don't Cry,' features no other than Heroes genetic freak Milo Ventimiglia. Yummers! Love his tattoos, his nipples, his...just love all of him!

Carolyna: Ex Spice Girl Melanie C.'s new video. Do you like?

My Blueberry Nights: Movie in which a young woman (Norah Jones) takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way, including Jeremy, played by Jude Law.

Sanjaya and his Drag Queens: American Idol reject, Sanjaya, made a surprise appearance at "Girls Night Out," a radio concert in Seattle that took place recently. Things didn't go as planned.

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Oh my god I killed Kenny!!!!

I woke up this morning, well, actually this afternoon, to find my loptop dead. How sad is that? This is the second time that my computer (Kenny) dies in the past month and a half...and like the twentieth time it dies in the past four years. I have always been able to fix it, but this time around nothing has worked. So yeah, I killed Kenny, again. Since I spend the day working on it I have not had the chance to post anything and I am sorry for that, but I'll make up for it. Promise!

Right now I am working off my old college computer which I have kept only because of its sentimental value. Kenny is my first openly gay relationship, so you could imagine. But it is actually a piece of crap: no memory and slow like fuck. But it will have to do until I bring Kenny back. Please pray I can!

Much love ya'll

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Daily Urge :: Undressed - 'Brothers'

Episodes of MTV's UNDRESSED:

Part I: A gay man and his partner receive a visit from a family member who does not know about their relationship. The story is a bit predictable, but it is hilarious and kinda cute. And you'll love the little brother!

Part II: The same little brother discovers his boyfriend is watching straight porn. Is he bisexual or is there more to it? You have to watch the video till the end cause it is awesome.

Actors include Nicholas Gonzalez, Eyal Podell, Allen Cutler and Terry Simpson.

More Daily Urge Here.

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Fullcircle S/S 2007 :: Michael Camiloto

Top Brazilian male model, Michael Camiloto, along with its delicious eight pack, spices things up for the Spring / Summer 2007 collection of UK retail clothing store, Fullcircle. Camiloto and his perfect looks are ideal in channeling Fullcircle's smart modern feel and its sports undertones.

Fullcircle's S/S 07 collection is "enriched with military highlights on fabrics that include washes and treatments explored through a monochrome colour palette; where tones of grey are central to a scheme of black through to optic white with highlights of pastel blues, lemon and mauve."

More Michael Camiloto striking his dramatic poses after the jump.

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The Boy :: Diogo Nicoletti :: Sexy Part II

Sorry boys, but Diogo Nicoletti, the latest cover boy at Terra's 'The Boy,' is already taken. He has been in a relationship for three years now with a girlfriend he says is not only beautiful, but also sincere, kind and lovable. Awwww, how cute!

In his interview for 'The Boy,' Diogo also explains that even though modeling is a tough career to pursue, he enjoys it like nothing else. He sure prefers it over his previous job as a mason. I have to say that though I love his body and what he is packing, I am not quite convince by his face. But that's just me.

Related: Diogo Nicoletti part I :: Leandro Ghidini Yummy part II :: Leandro on Video

Visit: 'The Boy'
Image Source :: Cisoto Fotos

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FHM Collections :: Chalker vs Cooper

Love it when hot men get physical! English best buds, Andrew Cooper and Will Chalker beat the crap out of each other trying to decide who of the two is a better male model in a simulated boxing match for FHM collections, entitled 'Chalker vs. Cooper.'

Wonder who the winner is. More pictures after the jump.

Related: Will Chalker for FHM collections S/S 2007 Part I and Part II

ps. If you have any more information on this spread (name of photographer, magazine edition, issue #, etc.) please send it my way. Thanks.

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Daily Urge :: Leandro Ghidini for The Boy

Leandro Ghidini is one of our favorite Terra's 'The Boy' cover studs. Here we have the 21 year old behind the scene of his 'The Boy' photoshoot. If our previous posts - I want Ghidini all for me and Leandro's Yummy part II - turned you on, this video is sure to do the same and a little more.

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Video Trip v. 05 // 13 // 07

Missing: Football star David Beckham appeals for the safe return of 3 year old Madeleine McCann, who was abducted from her family’s hotel room in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on Thursday, May 3. For more information click Here.

Battle of the pop stars: Korean pop sensation Rain has nothing on Stephen Colbert. Wow, Stephen kindda looks yummy hot in this one!

Gods and Monsters: Behind the scene of Nick Knight's Gods and Monsters photo shoot for Arena Homme based on John Galliano's fall 2007 collection. Find all of the pictures from photo shoot HERE.

Stocker: Decide what is best for your ass!

Keep video tripping HERE.

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