Davidoff 'Cool Water' :: Josh Holloway

'Lost' star Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer, is the new international face of Davidoff 'Cool Water' fragrance. Holloway's ad, which was shot in Hawaii - how convenient, lol - will hit screens & magazines everywhere in the world, except North America, in July. Sassy!!!

"I love Cool Water because it is simple, powerful and timeless. To me, the Cool Water man is not someone who is trying to be cool, he is someone who is comfortable with his masculinity," said the gorgeous actor. More after the jump.

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Behind the Scene of AX 'Pool Party' :: Ambrose Olson is Yummy!

'Pool Party,' Armani Exchange's sexually seductive Summer 2007 ad campaign, has us drooling over male models Ambrose Olson and Vinci. And even over Brazilian hot stuff, Alessandra Ambrosio. Threesome anyone?

The sultry photoshoot makes us all wish we could have been behind the scenes to enjoy the splash of hotness those three so easy provoke. But since that's not going to happen, here are some behind the shoot footage of photographer Tom Munro's 'Pool Party,' which are just as satisfying.

Ambrose, one of American Urge's favorites, is the man in all the pictures. Isn't he perfect? Enjoy a behind the scene Video over at AX Blog. You wont need to watch porn after it! More pictures after the jump.

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Image Source :: Armani Exchange

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Video Trip v. Too HOT for Saturday

David Chokachi Workout: the former Baywatch hunk shows us how it is done.

SoGayTV Underwear Models: this clip is too hot for Saturday! Hot male models get down and dirty.

Straight loving: Manny Ramirez and Julian Tavarez comforted each other at the dugout during a recent Red Sox vs Twins game. All I have to say is that Dominican men are not afraid to show affection among their own. Lovin' peoples!

The Hot Aussie French Dude (I want him): AussieBum's Carlee Angels go out on the streets to make some of the hottest men around try on the wonderjock. HOT!

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Daily Urge :: Undressed - Open Relationship

In this episode of MTV's 'UNDRESSED,' a couple deals with a dysfunctional open relationship. Posting mainly because of the hot new comer (looks so yummy in his underwear)!!!

Actors include twins Chris and Brad Goddard, and Edward Lafferty.

Undressed over at MTV: Main, Main II and Photo Galleries.
BTW, I don't think this show was ever released on DVD. The episodes I have featured here come straight from Daily Motion.

More Daily Urge HERE.

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G2000 Spring Summer 2007 Lovin' Lars Burmeister

German top male model, Lars Burmeister, showcases his striking sophistication and Greek gods good looks as the face of the Spring - Summer 2007 collection of Asian clothing line G2000 (Generation 2000).

This season, the Hong Kong based clothing brand offers its usual upscale and urban career styles, which Lars' chiseled features and d**k sucking lips make me want to own it all.

You might remember Lars from our previous post, Hugo Boss SS 2007, in which the uber model appears for the third consecutive season representing HB. A lot more Lars after the jump.

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Vibe Magazine :: Training Day

It is military work out month over at Vibe magazine, can you handle it? The June 2007 issue of the urban and music culture monthly presents 'Training Day,' a fashion editorial by New York city based photographer Danielle Levitt that will get you in push-ups (or masturbation) mode at the flip of the page.

"Welcome to Boot Camp. It's Time to Whip Your Ass Into Shape for the Summer. Now Drop and Give Us 20" reads the sub-headline of the sultry editorial styled by 26 year old Rajni Lucienne Jacques. See how them military men get WET while working those hot muscles HERE (more after the jump).

You might have missed :: 'Fight Club'
Source :: Rod 2.0

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M Mensuel :: Ready for the Beach?

New comer French gay magazine, 'M. Mensuel,' is already up to its third issue, which as the previous two, is highly charged with men eye candy.

Photographer Fred Goudon, who doesn't need introduction, presents an eighteen page editorial that pops the question, "Ready for the Beach?" The south beaches of Portugal serve as a backdrop for this spread that features three Elite agency male model, including Andre, who appears on the cover.

M Mensuel :: The new boy in town / Sex on Campus :: Hot Tyler

M Mensuel official site.
Source: A Cause des Garcons

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Evandro Soldati :: Thongs Up :: Dansk

Brazilian top male model Evandro Soldati heats up the pages of the latest issue of Danish modern trend magazine, Dansk, and gives us a couple of summer fashion tips while at it with 'Thongs Up.'

Renown Danish New York city based fashion photographer Torkil Gudnason, captures the flawless genetic freak sporting nothing but a D&G swimsuit in a very revealing and superman-esque spread.

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Source :: Male Editorials

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Diogo Nicoletti: 'The Boy' Making-Of Video

This video is just what I needed to be totally convinced that I do have the hots for the latest Brazilian stud at Terra's 'The Boy.' Diogo Nicoletti's personality shines in this behind the scene video. Check out his HOT pictures: Diogo Lays them out for you and Diogo gets Wet

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David Beckham Manhandles Himself

David Beckham gets kicked on the nuts by an opponent at the Real Madrid vs. Recreativo Huelva game on Saturday. From his expression, he sure doesn't like anyone messing with his golden balls. But we certainly love to see him adjust them!

Raging Beckham helped his team take a 3-2 win. Amazing how he is still giving his all in the field though he is soon to leave the team. So professional!

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Enrique Iglesias :: 'Do You Know?'

Enrique Iglesias is back with his eighth studio album, 'Insomniac.' Three years and countless sleepless nights in the making, Insomniac is proof positive that the Madrid-born, Miami-raised singer's career is just beginning.

The album’s first single is the addictive pop gem 'Do You Know?,' in which a ping pong ball makes a rare and very special appearance as a percussion instrument. Watch video below. To listen to the Spanish version, 'Dimelo,' click HERE (then scroll to bottom).

Interesting fact: The 32-year old Spanish heart-throb recently confessed that the one part of his body he would just love to change, is his penis, because it is just too small.

"I'd change my penis if I could. It's way, way, way too small," The Sun quoted Enrique, as telling a mag.

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Eric Bana Does Venice Magazine

Australian movie star and 'Munich' badass, Eric Bana, is the cover boy for the May 2007 issue of Venice magazine, a one hundred and fourteen pages digest highlighting the best in emerging culture and entertainment in Los Angeles and beyond.

Under an editorial entitled 'Lucky You,' Bana talks about his present and numerous upcoming projects , including 'Lucky You' in which he stars along side Drew Barrymore.

Related :: Look into Eric's Eyes

Image Source

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Rugby Players Naked Against Cancer

Determined to educate its followers on testicular cancer self examination, 'Moseley,' Birmingham's leading rugby team, spikes health education with a dose of instantly arousing images that at least with me have proven effective. As part of their 'Embarrassing Illnesses' video, the Moseley boys take it all off to show us themselves step by step, literally, how a two seconds self inspection can easily save our manhood and/or our lives.

'Embarrassing Illnesses' is a British series investigating the health problems that people would rather not talk about. In this particular case, Dr Jessen persuades Moseley Rugby Club to examine themselves in front of the camera. You are sure to enjoy it, I mean, learn a lot from these videos (below).

Source :: River

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Video Trip v. 05 // 21 // 07

Wonderjock, behind the scene: Gearing up for 20007 Summer aussieBum shoots the new Wonderjock swimwear range. See our favorite Aussie male model shake his bum!

Gay legend: Peter drops it like it is hot cowboy style.

John Mayer is hilarious: This past Saturday, JM presented his set of jokes at the Comedy Cellar. I love me some funny environmentalist geek.

Grab them balls: Orchid encourages men to test them for cancer while giving them the usual and frequent grab. It is that easy.

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Visit them: they support American Urge

- Turn yourself into a hustler with a pair of Andrew Christian.
- Aussiebum helps our summer arrive early. See why here.
- Got what it takes to win the Ginch Gonch Battle of the briefs?

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Andy Baldwin Shows Off his Rocking Body

Military stud and current prince charming at ABC's 'The Bachelor,' Andy Baldwin, was spotted jogging over the weekend at Central Park. The sight was more delicious than a bucked of Nutella. And to think that I was just a couple of blocks away. So yummy!

Whether it was a publicity stunt due to the season finally of his show, which just took place, or a publicity stunt for his own selfish reasons, Andy is still one of the hottest pieces of ass in the history of 'The Bachelor' and I sure don't mind his motives. More images after the jump.

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