Joshua Jordan : 'One Box Set' : Marios

With 'One Box Set,' photographer Joshua Jordan nails the spirit of 'Surface Men,' a magazine that explores the motives and process behind the emerging trends in fashion, art, architecture, interiors, graphics, film and music. 'One Box Set,' styled by Bernat Buscato, is featured in Surface issue number 63.

Russian top model Katia Kokoreva and my number one male model of preference, Marios Lekkas, are the stars of the spread. More after the jump.

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Chad White :: Polaroids

Chad White au naturel and down to his essentials...for your enjoyment!!! Wonder what's the secrete behind that body.

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Sean O'Pry :: Polaroids

Makeup and glitter don't make the model, but an amazing bone structure does. These Polaroids of VNY Model Management's Sean O'Pry, who is my latest obsession, just prove why of his spectacular ascend to the top of male model charts.

Sean O'Pry for Commons&Sense Man / Sean for 10 Magazine

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Joshua Jordan for Surface with Lucas Kerr

Former architect and New York City based photographer Joshua Jordan, a New Orleans talent, gets the move on with this editorial for design magazine Surface, in which, among his moving crew, he features French I-want-to-bang-now supermodel Lucas Kerr - yeah, the one with the hot abs.

Wonder what would be the number to call to get them down to my place. I got a strip pole and a rotating bed that I need to move around... More after the jump.

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Tom Ford :: 'Forbidden' :: Steven Klein

Renown fashion designer and model Tom Ford shows off his signature glamour, decadence and flash on a foray into the forbidden zone. In an editorial entitled 'Forbidden,' by photographer Steven Klein, in which off-the-wall/scifi meets reality, Tom plays with the idea of power and his role as a fashionista in the industry.

'Forbidden' appeared in W Magazine back in 2005 featuring an interview with the designer in which he explains: "We've become plastic, objectifying the human body…waxed and polished and buffed and shined up and manipulated," Ford says. "And then, of course, I'm portrayed as the one doing the manipulating, the polishing, buffing, shaping, which is what I do. It's just what we do. What the fashion industry does."

Does it get any hotter???

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Miro Moreira for L'officiel Hommes

French fashion magazine L'officiel Hommes is now out with its eight issue, 'Sport and Beauty,' which explores the correlation between the two terms and their perpetual marriage to fashion.

No better way to top their previous issue, 'The Cool Issue,' which featured Prison Break hunk Wentworth Miller, than to have new Brazilian male moder super star Miro Moreira on the cover. The Brazilian stud sure knows how to please us. More after the jump.

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Via Made in Brazil

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Chad White Dazed & Confused

In the may issue of Dazed & Confused magazine, Spanish photographer Xevi Muntane revokes the smouldering air of the Great Depression with 'Metal Sport,' a highly 'New Deal' art-esque editorial. Supermodel Chad White, as never seen before, is the star of the spread.

Hardly showing any skin and sporting some hair (kind of weird, isn't it?), Chad proves that there is more to him than his underwear shoots. Jason Farrer was responsible for styling 'Metal Sport.'

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Via Homorific

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Photographer Xevi Muntane

It was love at first site. I just came across the work of New York City based Spanish photographer Xevi Muntane and I have not been able to take my eyes off his portfolio. Such an amazing story in every single one of his pictures. True attention grabbers! More after the jump.

The Fashion Spot

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Sean O'Pry for Commons&Sense Man

Entitled "Leisure ! Pleasure ! Treasure !" the second issue of Japanese fashion magazine Commons&Sense Man, is a photobook of delightful editorials, one of which is ecstasy to our eyes.

'Spring Time,' an editorial by London based photographer Mariano Vivanco, welcomed the season with fireworks by featuring male model phenomenon Sean O'Pry wearing barely anything. If this is not a dream come true I don't know what is. More after the jump.

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Image Source :: Morphosis

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Mariano Vivanco :: Sweet and Sexy

London based photographer, Mariano Vivanco, the man responsible for uber sexy Sean's delicious spread for 10 magazine and Dolce and Gabbana's 2007 Italian Footballers Campaign, delights us with 'Sweet and Sexy,' an editorial featuring gorgeous models such as Select Model Management's John Hayward. Lots of drool over images after the jump.

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Adam Raphael New Book :: Room Service

New York City and Fort Lauderdale based photographer, Adam Raphael, who is know for his collections of erotic photographs of stunning young men - 'Book One,' 'Friends' and 'Friends and Brothers' - is now out with a new must buy, 'Room Service.'

The book is a luxurious collection of racially diverse male models lounging, bathing, and dining amid the sumptuous interiors and elegant finishes of the finest hotels of East Coast America.

The young men of Room Service are models with flawless physiques posing both clothed and unclothed. Getting hot in here!! More images after the jump.

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Find the book in Amazon :: HERE

Image Source :: Niwdenapolis

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DNA Magazine June :: Summer is Here

DNA magazine #89, the Travel Special, is now available and it is a fetish treat. Gay lovers, get your umbrellas out cause it is raining men. In this latest issue, DNA presents two fashion editorials that will leave you soaking wet!!!

The first, entitled, CBD Sexy: 'Unlock your city-boy sex appeal,' by photographer Pedro Virgil, reveals both the intimate and street hustler fashion secretes of the professional urban man. Male model Cameron Byrnes rocks every look in clothing from brands including Andrew Christian, Ginch Gonch, and 2xist. So yummy!

More 'CBD Sexy' HERE.
Image source: Parisian Boys and DNA Magazine

The second editorial, 'Sacrebleu,' by Parisian photographer Fred Goudon, gives us a fascinating tour of key locations in Paris. "Art, culture, romance… Forget it! Paris is the city of raunch. Burn it down on our tour of these sexy sights."

Produced by our friends Steph and Alek, the spread is exactly what we like: a stunning male model, Malik, sporting revealing swimwear from our favorite brands, Abercrombie and Fitch, AussieBum and Rufskin. Love it!

Image Source :: Ohlala Blog and DNA Magazine

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Cristiano Ronaldo de Ferias em Miami

Cristiano Ronaldo's pictures tend to always speak for themselves and this time is not the exception. Hot!

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