Jonathan Rhys Meyers for Hugo Boss XXXY

Irish hot stuff, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, makes a reappearance as an Hugo Boss man, this time for the brand's new fragrances, XXXY. Under the slogan 'Harmony is Overrated', the new scents, XY for him and XX for her, aim at perpetuating the longest battle in history, that of men vs women.

Catch XXXY's video campaign followed by an interview with JRM below.

Overdose with more Hugo Boss.

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FantasticsMag :: 'Tops...No Bottoms'

From my experience, tops...no bottoms always proves to be highly dysfunctional, however, with their latest editorial, FantasticsMag illustrates how a lack of bottoms is not always a bad thing. Actually, it's an amazing thing!

'Tops...No Bottoms,' an editorial by photographer Edward StGeorge, featuring male models Preston, John and Ronnie, focuses the spotlight on the sweater and shirt trends of the new season. I mean, who cares about slacks anyways...

More at Fantastics Magazine.

Overdose: Size Does Matter :: Got Sack?

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Luke and Noah :: Noah Goes Straight and Luke Might Not Walk Again

As the World Turns Gay couldn't be better. Luke and Noah's universe keeps leaving us craving for more. After landing Luke in the hospital, Col. Mayer pays him an unexpected visit that proves to be monumental in the story, Noah feels guilty about the whole incident and decides to go 'straight' and leave town and Luke might not walk again. Crazy!!! More of Luke and Noah HERE.

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Milo Ventimiglia Does Prestige Hong Kong October 2007

Heroes' stud Milo Ventimiglia is everywhere these days- shirtless scenes in the new season of Heroes and fashion spread for Best Life magazine just to mention a couple - yet I can't have enough. A lot of a good thing is awesome but when it comes to Milo, it's even better!!!

The October 2007 issue of Prestige Hong Kong interviews the star on the Heroes phenomenon, his school days, career and upcoming projects. Can Milo save the world?

The cover is so hot its making my balls feel as if there is a 4th of July type celebration going on in them... And they just combusted, lol.

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Fashion 156 :: The Water Issue

Fashion 156's 'The Water Issue,' an editorial by photographer Phillip Waterman, styled by Guy Hipwell, nails the seemingly random 'it' trend of this season, the wet look.

"Menswear designers around the globe have taken onboard a new trend, paddling in liquid-shine finishes and techniques that offer a refreshing contrast against the bold, matte looks that are also big this year," notes Fashion 156.

Male model Will Glass from Models1 gives the extra touch of hotness to the must have look.

Overdose: 'The Swimwear issue' and 'The Underwear Issue'

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Lucien Thomkins Joins the Dark Side

Damn! Don't hate'em kuz his really, really ridiculously good looking! Lucien Thomkins' Spanish fashion magazine Tendencias cover makes pretty people feel ugly. Fo' realz! The Swiss male model is here featured in 'Dark Side,' an editorial by NYC based fashion photographer Richard In. Click on the images to enlarge and get a closer look at what genetic perfection is.

More of Lucien Here.

ps. Does anyone know the official site for Tendencias?

Image Source :: Modelhommes

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Frederic Michalak for Biotherm Homme

French rugby player Frederic Michalak plays model for prestigious skincare brand, Biotherm Homme. Those French sure know how to make me spend!!! In the video above Frederic completely loses me after "bonjour," but I enjoyed the interview nonetheless. The accent, the hotness, yum! See more images after the jump.

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Pref Magazine #22 :: Deadly Hot!

Sultrier than a locker room gang bang, the latest issue of Pref magazine transcends your idea of a religious experience. It makes you see the light all over from the dark side! Yes, that hot!!!

In their most recent edition, Pref presets a highly morbid editorial by photographer Justin Monroe on gay serial killers. Though spooky, the photography stuns!!! 'Fight Club,' a second editorial by Gaz, makes you want to drop the soap and then bend over to get it, if you know what I mean! And that's just the beginning. This one is a killer!!!

Don't waste any time and get your copy (it will be out of shelfs soon) HERE.

Also see 'Pref, the Sex Issue' and 'American Roller Derby'

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Dieux du Stade 2008 Calendar by Steven Klein

Highly popular French Calendar, Dieux du Stade 2008, which features the most physically arousing French professional rugby players in nude, homoerotic photographs by Steven Klein, will make its arrival in the US market on October 30th. You will be able to find the calendar at your local GLBT book/gift shops nationwide and online. Mark your calendar!!!

Dieux du Stade 2008
is a provocative collection of 33 color images hinting at bondage, voyeurism, narcissism, exhibitionism and myth. A must have.

Overdose with our coverage of other calendars HERE.

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Tom Ford Naked for 'Out' Magazine

Fashion designer Tom Ford takes the November 2007 issue of Out magazine by storm in an editorial by photographer Terry Richardson. In the spread, Tom i s featured in a boxing scene in which he plays Mr. 'Do it all' - the one who calls the shots, makes the rules and then breaks them.

Excerpts from Tom's interview:

“I don’t think gay is the most attractive word; if I were art-directing the creation of a word that would describe homosexuals, I think I might have tried to find another one. Gay makes us sound silly and frivolous, which is probably where it came from originally – it was first used in a Cole Porter song in the ‘30’s – and I think it was probably a bit derogatory , and so it’s not a word I necessarily like, but it’s what I am, whatever.”

“I have a lot of gay friends, but I’d say my closest friends who are male are straight, and I don’t know why that is…maybe because I always get crushes on them.”

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James Franco, The New James Dean! (?)

The Winter 2007 2008 issue of Vogue Hommes International features no other than super fine actor James Franco in 'The New James Dean' an editorial by photographer Terry Richardson. The new James Dean? Really?

The photography is not spectacular but Franco is always worth seeing. Enjoy!

Also find out about James' crime HERE.

Image Source

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