Les Chansons d'amour (Love Songs) by Christophe Honore

A musical journey of three lovers living in Paris, Les Chansons d'amour (Love Songs), is French director Christophe Honore's latest tribute to the city of love. Exuberant and tender, Love Songs is a modern day musical told through unforgettable songs!!

"In the hope of sparking their stalled relationship, Ismael, played by my new future ex-boyfriend, Louis Garrel, and Julie, played by Ludvine Sagnier, enter a playful yet emotionally laced threesome with Alice (Clotilde Hesme). When tragedy strikes, these young Parisians are forced to deal with the fragility of life and love. For Ismael, this means negotiating through the advances of Julie's sister and a young college student (Gregoire Leprince); one of which may offer him redemption." [Source]

Love Songs is now playing. Go watch it! More after the jump.


design by Dwayne Hunter
design by Dwayne Hunter