Marco da Silva for Joseph Sinclair: Behind the Scenes Video

Marco da Silva poses alongside dancer Anthony Kaye in a steamy photo shoot by photographer Joseph Sinclair. Enjoy the behind the scenes video above.

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Simon Nessman by Photographer Kevin Hees

Major Models' Simon Nessman, the Canadian super freak who is everywhere these days for obvious reasons, is here photographed by New York City based lens man Kevin Hees.

God obviously took extra time on this one: the curls, the lips, the perfect features, just heart stopping. Yum-yum-yum!

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Luke and Noah :: Moving together?

These last episodes are just too cute to describe. Awwww, they are like moving together and stuff ;) So lesbian of them, I love it. More of Luke and Noah HERE.

ps. OMG, so like a few Saturdays ago I'm about to go into club Stereo here in NYC when I realize Jake Silbermann (Noah) is standing right in front of me. He was with some really hot chick and you could tell he was trying to prevent bringing attention to himself. Lucky for me, the bouncer took his time to let people in so Jake turned around and he caught me staring at him. I smiled and winked (I didn't know what else to do! lol). I guess he figured I knew who he was cuz he semi-smiled and did the "hey" gesture with his head. And let me tell you, he is gorgeous and a lot taller than expected!

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Malemodel Alex Loomans for Sir Magazine

My personal new obsession, Canadian male model Alex Loomans, mesmerizes in this editorial by Brazilian photographer Geoff Barrenger for Sir Magazine. The dick hardening poses speak for themselves. Expect to see a lot more of this man! More after the jump.

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Lucien Thomkins for Achtung No. 9

As weird and pointless as this editorial by photographer Jork Weismann for Achtung No. 9 might appear, it is actually art.

Still don't see why? Two words: Lucien Thomkins!

The Swiss supermodel makes anything work. Loves!

Image Source

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FantasticsMag :: 'High Society'

An enticing editorial by photographer SIX, 'High Society,' featured in FantasticsMag, reveals the dystopia-uber-coolness of the drugies. Weed, pipes, tattoos, smoke, never-never land all so appealing for all the wrong reasons.

ps. How amazing is that picture above? Breathtaking!

More at FantasticsMag.

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Photographer David Slijper for GQ Style: 'Maintenance'

'Maintenance,' a fashion editorial by London based photographer David Slijper, is a breath of fresh air. Featured in GQ Style Fall Winter 2007, the spread holds the secrets to "looking good."

And who wouldn't want to look as good as male models Sam Way and Daryl Fox-Huxley? I'm in love with these boys. More images after the jump.

Image Source :: Modelhommes

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Mathias Lauridsen for Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2008

Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2008 ad campaign by photographer Mario Testino is anything but magical. The concept - boring backdrop and overly photoshoped pool reflection - should be completely ignored.

Focus your attention only on super model Mathias Lauridsen and Catherine McNeil and the experience can actually be worthed. Male model Jay W. is not bad either.

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DSquared2 Spring Summer 2008 Ad Campaign

Pregnant with Dolce and Gabbana's lusciousness, DSquared2 Spring Summer 2008 advertising campaign brings us a bucket full of objectophilia. Is anyone aroused? I totally am!

The campaign, by photographer Steven Meisel, features male models Sean O'pry, Texas Olsson, Nate Nesbitt, Anja Rubik, Maryna Linchuk and Tanya Dziahileva. The whole concept might be a cheap imitation of D&G, but when do we get to Sean O'pry acting with such sexual explicitness? Sean banging that dummy: Priceless!!

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